Mason Plumlee Would Add Another Dimension To Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

Mason Plumlee’s NBA dream finally became a reality when the Brooklyn Nets made him their first-round draft pick this past summer.

This preseason is the exact time Plumlee needs to prove to Jason Kidd and the rest of his coaching staff that he deserves to keep that dream alive from the outset of the upcoming regular season.

Given all the depth the Nets have at the power forward/center position, Plumlee doesn’t appear likely to crack the rotation permanently unless he absolutely takes the preseason by storm. He has Brook LopezAndray BlatcheKevin Garnett and Reggie Evans in front of him.

Kidd has already said Garnett will not participate in both ends of back-to-backs in an effort to preserve the 37-year-old’s legs through the long season.

But before Jason Kidd decides to relegate Plumlee to this role alone, he should understand that this might not just be the most athletic big man on his team, but maybe the most athletic player they have overall.

That athleticism could give the Nets a different dimension. This is a relatively older team. One loaded with stars that can dominate games from the halfcourt set. But with Plumlee the second unit could look to run a lot more than they probably would without him.

Running even more with Plumlee in the lineup would have reciprocal benefits for the starters. You tire out the defense by running. It’s less energy for them to have later in the game against both the reserves and the starters as well.

Plumlee’s athleticism makes him a matchup nightmare, and Kidd needs to take advantage of that as much as possible.

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