Denver Nuggets Preseason Loss to Los Angeles Lakers Does Not Bode Well

By Dave Daniels
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the problem with the Denver Nuggets. They are going to be heavily relying on JaVale McGee, which can be a recipe for disaster especially in pick and roll defense. McGee has a way of finding himself out of defensive position which is something I became quite familiar with during McGee’s time in DC.

Additionally, Ty Lawson will have to up his offensive production with the departure of Andre Iguodala, which I think will hurt the Nuggets more than most fans in Denver are likely to admit. Iggy is a gold medal winner, veteran leader, and elite perimeter defender who could help a team right on the edge get over the edge. I’m looking at you Dubs.

Back to the Nuggets though: the West is simply too crowded this year. It would honestly be .

Maybe the Nuggets are hoping Brian Shaw having a Marc Jackson like impact in his first year, but the problem is that talent and not always coaching wins basketball games, and though the Nuggets have some nice talent, they are also one major injury away from having serious depth problems.

I am rooting for Shaw and especially newly minted backup point guard Nate Robinson, who deserves to have a pro home for more than one year. Will definitely enjoy the pace of ball in Denver next season with the blazing speed of their guards, but not sure if it will be enough to play basketball in May.

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