Harrison Barnes Shouts Out to Tar Heels in Damian Lillard Birthday Tweet

By Dave Daniels
Andre Iguodala gets the best of Harrison Barnes
Cary Edmondson – USA TODAY SPORTS

So being an out of touch caucasian sports writer, I am just getting wise to a new phenomenon on twitter called #4barfriday, and have to say my first experience with it below. Small forward Harrison Barnes recently layed down a little rhyme in honor of Damian Lillard’s birthday. The rhyme includes a little shout out to North Carolina which I always like to hear.

Barnes was one of my favorites at Carolina, and in my mind he will thrive next season likely in a sixth man role due to the arrival of Andre Iguodala. Barnes’ pride should not be hurt; he is still a fantastic player and should figure quite highly in the Warriors future plans especially if he continues to stay healthy and improve. He fared well in the playoffs even when the opposing team was trying to use his presence in the lineup as a deterrent.

The Dubs as I like to call them will have expectations after last season’s surprising run, but they will be a top five favorite for “Most Fun Team” to watch in the league. Positive they will make many folks’ League Pass rotation, although still on the fence on whether I’m going to do that or just roll with cable.

In any case, I need to start working on my next rhyme for #4barfriday.

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