Los Angeles Clippers: Doc Rivers' Defensive Strategy May Put an End to Lob City, But DeAndre Jordan is Writing The Sequel

By christopherbrown
Chris Nicoll USA TODAY Sports

Word on the hard-court says “Lob City” has been retired to old folklore young Los Angeles Clippers fans will someday narrate to their grandchildren. Those rumbling were echoed throughout this season’s training camp by new head coach, Doc Rivers, with his NBA Old Testament preaching of defense and accountability.

The run and dunk show of the red and blue introduced the casual basketball wagon riders to the other team in Los Angeles, while ensuring that the Clipper faithful would at the least be entertained. The blueprint to “Lob City” was  sacrifice points on one end for a staring role on SportsCenter.

There’s a mystique that comes with the hiring of Rivers, but he’s not with the organization to teach 13 men paid to play basketball on how to dribble, shoot, and set screens. River’s was brought to the west coast because of the championship stench that proceeded the former Boston Celtics head coach who has an ability to get men excited about the heavy lifting of championship play, comprised of defense, protecting the basket, and more defense.

Yet Rivers has a a disciple. Center DeAndre Jordan was named defensive captain at the start of training camp. Rivers’ endorsement not only shows the trust he has in his big man, but it also relieves the pressure of having to share focus and intensity in areas of the floor that requires skill set in the slow stages of development.

So far, Jordan has shown that Rivers has chosen the right man. He snatches the hopes and dreams of shooters out of the air while maintaining possession, getting the ball to his playmakers, and making his way to the opportunities that await the freakish athlete at unmanned baskets on the other end. Such sequences usually result in a spectacular finish and a little something for the fans like a Hollywood tease that a movie may have ended even though the sequel is in production.

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