Full Video of Toronto Raptors Achilles Injury Reminds of Kobe Bryant

By Dave Daniels
Kobe Bryant
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Personally, I see way too many injuries to be interested in this sort of thing, but I also know some people have a certain somewhat morbid interest in this so just gonna keep doing my job.

Full video of the Toronto Raptors mascot tearing his achilles has popped up. This was the same injury Kobe Bryant suffered last spring, and from which he is still rehabilitating. Just another brief intersection of Kobe and the Raptors. They were the team he famously dropped 81 points on after the head coach decided not to double Kobe Beef. For an excellent recount of the story check out Jalen Rose’s storytime segment on Grantland.

I’m betting that the Raptors mascot does not have access to an antigravity treadmill, but maybe if Kobe comes to town this year, then the Black Mamba will loan it to the mascot for a night.

Actually now that I think about it, Kobe would not do that because he is too competitive. He would not want to seem to be giving the opponent any advantage even if it is just with a more enhtusiastic overgrown fake furry dinosaur. That is just the cold blooded competitor the mamba is.

In any case, here is hoping that Bryant and the mascot both make a full recovery and that we can see both of them jumping around at the end of the season.

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