The Phoenix Suns Outlast San Antonio Spurs In Preseason Battle

By Dave Daniels
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns are going to have precious little to cheer about this year, so they have to take their fun where they can get it. They recently overcame the San Antonio Spurs in a preaseason matchup, which the Spurs are probably not sweating at all.

The Spurs are a team whose focus is only on the end of the year though, so this does not spell doom for them as a team. They have plenty of motivation after last June’s defeat, but we will just have to see if their veterans can stay healthy until the end of the year. In Manu Ginobli’s case, it is probably better if he is too hurt to play after what I saw last season.

The Suns meanwhile, are waiting patiently for a decent offer for point guard Goran Dragic so they can truly blow this thing up. Future point guard Eric Bledsoe is waiting in the wings, and though he can play shooting guard defensively for stretches, the young man’s true position is the point.

That became truly apparent last season in L.A. especially after Bledsoe started for a spell in the wake of a Chris Paul injury midseason, and so it was no surprise to see Doc Rivers move Bledsoe shortly after being hired.

In any case do not look for the Spurs to be bothered by this, and for the Suns, we will just have to see if they can get through the year without any more off court incidents.

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