NBA: Brooklyn Nets Looking Ready

By Aydin Reyhan
Brooklyn Nets
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are being forced to play the preseason without their star point-guard, Deron Williams. He is a difference maker as he assists, scores and runs plays on the offensive half of the wood. However, just because he isn’t around doesn’t mean the team cannot win games.

A man who had faced lots and lots of injury problems is none other than Williams’ backup, Shaun Livingston. The 28-year-old lined up his impressive stats with 17 points, eight assists and nine rebounds. Even though the opponent was a weakened Philadelphia 76ers in a season build-up game, that is nothing short of positive for a guy who hasn’t been himself in quite some time in the NBA.

The team was also without star small forward Paul Pierce who missed the game for personal reasons tonight. Once he and Williams returns to the starting five, this team will be ready for a title shot.

Williams, Joe Johnson, Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez are a group of starters that many teams would not mind at all. They are all solid in their own positions and once they learn how to play together to near perfection, they will be dangerous.

The one team that they may not be able to surpass is the Miami Heat. That team has a big three that has mastered the art of playing with one another and has led them to three straight NBA Finals and two straight titles. That should be enough said.

Garnett and Pierce are up there in age but with Williams, Johnson and Lopez all more than decent players, those two vets could lead them to at worst an Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

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