Portland Trail Blazers Blaze New Path and Become First NBA Team to Formally Support Marriage Equality

By Dave Daniels
C.J. McCollum
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY sports

It is a rapidly changing and rotating world we live in, and to our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers it would look like an unrecognizable and at times apocalyptic landscape. We try not to focus on the negative here though, and fortunately the Portland Trail Blazers have given us something positive to think about today.

They today became the first team to formally support marriage equality, which will be a crucial social and political issue as we enter the 21st century. This came as news to me that no other team had ever formally supported it, and after Jason Collins’ beautiful and intelligent coming out letter last year, it appears wheels are in motion when it comes to the public perception of marriage equality.

Know some of my readers may be in the camp that believes marriage is purely a an act between a man and woman, but to them I would say shouldn’t we all try and live by the Christian precept: “treat thy neighbor as thyself”? It certainly would erase a lot of conflict in the world if we all tried a little harder to live by those words, and have to say am personally super pleased the Blazers have taken this track.

It will make a lot more of the general public aware of this growing issue because sports have a way of injecting themselves in every day conversation in America. Hopefully one day we can have full equality in America, and though the American dream may have died with John F. Kennedy that doesn’t mean we can’t all have love for each other in our time here…

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