Fickle Media Becoming LeBron James’ Biggest Fans

By Richard Nurse
LeBron James
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’ve all heard of LeBron James gracing the cover of the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine. But what many of you didn’t know, is that every single page is dedicated to James — not until you see the words: “The only player worthy of an entire NBA preview issue,” resting in the top right corner.

“I’ll have to check that out,” Dwyane Wade said (via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel). “It just says it’s a love-fest right now.”

A love-fest that proves that winning cures it all.

Just a few years ago, pundits and fans were searching for any little thing to criticize James about. While some of the issues were warranted — like disappearing in the 2011 NBA Finals — others were pretty ridiculous.

There were the felonious rumors about Delonte West and James’ mother, Gloria, the distain for the way he announced his Decision — even though it was to raise money for charity — and the call for him to hire a sports psychologist because the world thought he was weak-minded.

It was like they built him up from high school just to tear him down.

He was King James, The Chosen One. Then suddenly he wasn’t good enough. But two championships later and the Miami Heat forward was back to being one of the greatest.

He was the national media’s love affair. My only hope is that their love never makes him rest on his laurels.

After all, they were all ready to turn on him in the last minute of Game 6 versus the San Antonio Spurs. Then, thanks to Ray Allen, they hooked back onto the bandwagon before they fell off. So, I guess he’s King James again.

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