Los Angeles Clippers' Big 3 Getting it Done With 2

By christopherbrown
The Big Two
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It doesn’t take a Wall Street analyst to see that the Los Angeles Clippers‘ dismissal of the Phoenix Suns in their last game was large in part due to the play of their point guard Chris Paul, as well as DeAndre Jordan. Forward Blake Griffin has been marketed by the franchise, and is considered to form the Clippers’ version of the NBA trend of the “Big Three.” However, this preseason, Griffin’s performance has been more equivalent to the third chair in the barbershop, as he’s been sitting while Paul and Jordan do all of the work.

Griffin sat out his second-straight game with a sore knee. A wise decision by the coaching staff for an explosive athlete with a history of similar setbacks. But while the Clippers appear to be dominant with their superstar sidelined, the question remains: Are the Clippers getting the most of their investment for a former Rookie of the Year?

The regular season has yet to begin, and although dominant, Paul and Jordan did beat up on a Suns team that appears to have given up on the upcoming season and possibly basketball altogether. But Jordan has had an incredible camp and preseason, while Paul has been typical of an perennial All-Star: steals and assists leader in the league.

When the games count, the Clippers will need help on both ends of the floor from Griffin, and newly-acquired sniper guard, J.J. Redick, who has yet to be seen in a Clipperss uniform. There’s a greater sense of urgency when a team has been shackled with the expectation that has been bestowed upon the franchise. The investment has to be justified prior to end of their free agent honeymoon period. Welcome to the real NBA.

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