Sacramento Kings' Carl Landry Will Miss 3 Months, Hurting Team's Frontcourt Depth

By Dave Daniels
Kelley L Cox – USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are in for a rough one. They are pinning all their hopes on DeMarcus Cousins, which to me sounds like a dangerous proposition to me. I love the versatility of Boogie’s Game, and even saw him drain a few three point shots in D.C. during one of the lockout games. It was the best D.C. sports day ever, because I saw that game in the afternoon (while managing to get m Wizards hat signed by Kevin Durant and John Wall), and then that night Stephen Strasburg was pitching for the Nationals which was my first time seeing him pitch in person. So do not get me wrong, I have huge affection for Boogie and his Kings but just do not quite like the team chemistry element with this squad.

They got some other bad news recently when Carl Landry was hurt, which I first noticed from InsideHoops so shout out to them.

Landry is an underrated player and could be a rotation contributor on a playoff team in the right situation. The Kings unfortunately are not that right situation especially in the Western conference where playoff spots are going to be hard to come by. If they can be the third best team in California then that is starting somewhere, but until “Boogie” Cousins shows the ability to lead a team while keeping a cool head then the question mark still hangs above this team’s head.

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