San Antonio Spurs Made The Right Decision With Corey Maggette

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Corey Maggette Spurs
Tim Fuller – USA Today Sports

Finally veteran forward Corey Maggette won’t be part of the San Antonio Spurs this season as he has been waived by the organization, meaning the roster space the Spurs currently have won’t be used in him. This also indicates that the possibility of starting the season with only 14 players on the active squad is getting more and more realistic.

The waiving of Maggette shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone remotely familiar with how the Spurs operate.

He was a very useful element in his prime, although even back then he used to be a “me-first” type of player who relied heavily on isolation plays and wasn’t considered a hard-nosed defender by any means. All those qualities are things that the Spurs actually look for in their pieces as they have a well-established system that won’t be changed by any member of the roster, let alone one that was surely destined to come off the bench.

Maggette is well past his prime and last season he wasn’t able to get onto the court consistently on a much depleted Detroit Pistons roster. He participated in only 18 games where he averaged 5.3 points and 1.4 rebounds in a bit more than 14 minutes per contest.

Despite the fact that he was able to produce on limited time for the Spurs this preseason (6.5 PPG and 3.5 RPG in 24 MPG), he only played twice and didn’t convince the coaching staff he was worthy of a spot in the roster of a franchise that’s aiming to win now. This might be the last chance the Spurs have to contend with this current core, and one roster spot could end up being the difference between being a Conference Finalist and an NBA champion.

The Spurs made the right decision to waive Maggette as he wasn’t going to be a factor for the team. It is likely that they will start the year with only 14 players on their roster unless there’s a last minute surprise which, in my opinion, would be quite difficult.

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