Utah Jazz PG Trey Burke's Finger Injury Derails Rookie of Year Hopes

By Dave Daniels
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When point guard Trey Burke was drafted by the Utah Jazz, it seemed to me that he could probably be the starting point guard pretty early on. Maybe even put up good enough numbers for first or second all rookie team. The latest news though will probably derail that for a few months, and also likely take away all chances for Burke winning rookie of the year. He broke his finger unfortunately, which will cause him to miss two to three months depending on how things progress. Thanks to SInow for tweeting the update below.

His chances of winning it were probably slim anyway, but this just makes it official. My favorite to win it is Victor Oladipo, although extremely curious as to how him playing point guard is going to work out especially with the lack of help out in Orlando. Burke is one of analyst Jalen Rose’s favorite players, so you can bet that is a special kind of approval seal in my book.

Burke will still contribute for the Jazz this season, just not at the level many were probably hoping. This will open up more minutes for the other guards though, but can only see one path that is clear for the Jazz this season. It happens to lead right to the lottery.

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