Brian Windhorst Predicts Major Trade Midseason for Cleveland Cavaliers

By Dave Daniels
David Manning-USA TODAY

The Cleveland Cavaliers have an insane amount of forwards, which is why the following opinion below did not surprise me at all. Brian Windhorst expects there to be a major trade by midseason of this year, and it is just a matter of who they would move. They have a number of tradable assets,s o it likely depends on who they would get back.

You can check out the full piece below, where they touch on a number of topics having to do with the Cavs.

The Cavs will especially make a move if they appear to be on the brink of the playoffs, and need just one more elite talent piece to get over the top. We will have to see if they can make a trade without mortgaging their future, which has not been a specially of theirs in the past.

The LeBron James’ departure was certainly not a happy moment, and Dan Gilbert has yet to redeem himself for the horrible Comic Sans letter.

In any case, if Kyrie Irving stays healthy then I think we should expect an all star season from him, and hopefully some playoff excitement this year for a Cleveland fanbase that is understandably disenfranchised. Not sure who they will target in the trade market, but you can bet that things will start to become more clear around early February.

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