Dallas Mavericks Owner-Fanboy Mark Cuban Says U.S. Government Official Lied

By Dave Daniels
Mark Cuban
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cuban was cleared yesterday in Texas of insider trading, and the eccentric owner lashed out at the lead prosecutor to reporters afterwards.

“Jan Folena, who represents the United States of America, stood up there and lied,” Cuban told reporters.

You can read more about the case below, but Cuban is in the clear for this particular instance.

Cuban can be a real jackass at times, but his motions are certainly fascinating to keep an eye on. Of this the owner is quite well aware.

“I know I’m a target,” Cuban said to Huffington Post. “I recognize that when I do things people pay attention.”

A string of bad decision making by Cuban has led to his team falling off a cliff after winning the 2011 title. He did not pay Tyson Chandler or J.J. Barea, and then skipped Deron Williams free agent meeting, because the owner was filming an episode of Shark Tank.

Yes, you read that correctly, and no the world does not make any sense. He mortgaged a couple of contending years of basketball for an episode of reality television, and he kind of makes me hate even more all of the professional owners in pro sports who sell their own franchises short.

Well, I’m sure Cuban will find his way back in court one day, but we will most likely see him on a basketball court next.

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