Golden State Warriors Should Not Be Talking Contract Extension with Andrew Bogut

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Bogut
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bogut has not quite proved himself to me. The history of big men with injury issues is quite lengthy, and you do not have to look too far past Greg Oden to see that.

Bogut’s issues have not been at Oden’s level, but the Australian player has had his fair share of injury troubles through the years and his team is apparently talking extension.

Also there are some bitterness issues at play here, and not sure the center has fully forgiven the Warriors for their pursuit of Dwight Howard this last offseason.

“I definitely don’t believe that there was nothing there” Bogut said to “I believe there was something there. And if I was sitting in the GM’s position with the Golden State Warriors, I’d make that deal. It’s a future Hall of Fame center for a guy that was banged up and struggled through a season. I can’t take [that] personally. It’s a business. They’re trying to get better. Obviously it does play on your mind a little bit in the offseason, but that’s part of business. At the same time, if I do become a free agent, I’m going to do what I can to do what’s best for myself.”

Well we will just have to see if staying in the Bay is in Bogut’s best interest, or if he finds greener pastures elsewhere. Something tells me the greener pastures might have more to do with money than with grass though.

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