Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard Has No Right to Be "Upset" at Orlando Magic For Giving Away His Number

By Dave Daniels
Dwight Howard
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard has been trying to have his cake and eat it too for a couple of years now, and fortunately it is starting to catch up with him a bit. He looks like a fool with every new word he speaks, and his comments about the Magic letting Tobias Harris wear his former number 12 show just that. Here is hoping that Howard can learn to talk less and play more next year.

“I just think that despite whatever happened, there was a lot of things that I did and that we did as a team, and that number was special down there,” Howard told the Orlando Sentinel. “And I was a little bit upset about that.”

You can read the full piece here, which shows his foolery even more.

In my opinion, Howard needs to get over it. That was the most awkward exit from a team that I have ever seen, and honestly it torpedoed that franchise for their immediate future after the trade. They have started to piece things back together now, but that does not change the fact that he acted like a royal jerk in his departure.

I’m sure he will have a much more positive experience in Houston, and I hope he cherishes the opportunity to play with someone like James Harden. Lord knows he did not exactly embrace the opportunity to play with Kobe Bryant.

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