New York Knicks: Why Is Superstar Carmelo Anthony Eager to Opt Out?

By Aydin Reyhan
Carmelo Anthony
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony is the best player on the New York Knicks, period. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. He is their starting small forward and is responsible for pretty much one thing: scoring points to win games.

Melo knows how to score, hold the ball and is a good individual. But when it comes to being a team player, he is not the best candidate.

People wonder why the Knicks have not won an NBA title in the Melo era, but there is nothing much to think about. The rest of his teammates, like Melo, try to play defense and score points. However, unlike him, they will pass the ball to set up someone in a better position. Anthony would rather create space to take that shot himself in order to be the hero.

Melo is being rumored to choose the option of opting out of his contract next summer, which would be ahead of his final year. If LeBron James leaves Miami, he could perhaps go there, but winning a title would almost be out of the question as Melo would not be as generous or even as talented in all aspects as James.

As for the Knicks, losing Melo would open up quite a bit of cap room, which would allow them to bring in yet another superstar caliber player replace him. Whether it be James or someone else, it has to be someone who can score, pass and defend enough to boost this ball club all the way to the NBA Finals.

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