Brooklyn Nets: Jason Kidd Gives Kevin Garnett Final Decision on Resting

By Mike B. Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd told Kevin Garnett he wouldn’t participate in both ends of back-to-backs this season, and, well, Garnett was about as pleased as a kid being forced to watch his buddies run off to the park without him.

However, time’s passed and the two men have apparently reached somewhat of an agreement. Kidd won’t have the final say in whether or not Garnett will be available for certain games. He’ll just tell him what he honestly thinks, but the ultimate decision will be in Garnett’s hands.

Kidd’s looked like a fine coach thus far entering his rookie year in a suit and tie. He’s been encouraging of his stars, constantly preaching to all of his players and shown exactly why Nets’ brass decided to hire someone who still had a playing towel wrapped around his neck at the time.

But this is a situation that Kidd could definitely handle better. As the head coach, he needs to be more authoritative with Garnett, no matter what his pedigree is.

Kidd has to be the ultimate decision-maker for what happens on the floor for the Nets. If something doesn’t work out, then he’ll take complete responsibility for it and try mending it the next time around. That’s what head coaches have to do.

He can’t give Garnett the option to play whenever he feels he can. That wouldn’t be in the best overall interest of the team both that night and during the course of a long season when Kidd is trying to preserve Garnett’s older legs.

If Kidd has to disappoint Garnett by making him watch everyone else have all the fun, then so be it. No one ever said being a head coach was all lollipops and rainbows.

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