If Chicago Bulls Guard Derrick Rose Had Not Been Injured, LeBron James Would Have No Championships

By Candice Connell
Derrick Rose and Lebron James
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want, but the bottom line is if Derrick Rose had not been injured, LeBron James would not have those two championships. Or at least he would have had a harder time getting them along with his supporting cast of players on the Miami Heat. He got his two championships easily; they basically fell into his lap without anybody truly challenging him for the top spot in the NBA. It seems like most of the players are completely fine with James being the number one guy and face of the NBA.

Sure some players might say that they want to challenge James, but that’s not enough to take away the crown from a self-proclaimed “King.” You have to take it by showing him out on the basketball court every game, make him nervous, show him that you know his moves and that you can stop that “J-Train.” These players need to stop playing nice and really get into full competitor mode. Don’t feed his ego by letting him dunk on you every chance he gets!

Around the time Rose got injured back in April 2012 in the playoffs, led by him, the Chicago Bulls were poised to go to the Eastern Conference Finals to beat the Miami Heat. When their MVP got injured that year it shattered the dreams of the Bulls because they knew they had a shot at the NBA championship.  Miami lost in the NBA Finals the year before to the Dallas Mavericks who pretty much exposed them and made sure everyone knew in the basketball world that the big three formula does not equal to an automatic championship. It didn’t help that their supposed team leader LeBron James was playing hot potato basketball passing the ball to one of his teammates in the final seconds for a game winning shot (and still does that every now and again).

Rose, on the other hand, is the type of player to attack and dominate on the basketball court to let everyone know that he’s not easy to beat. His style of play is the most original, with his swift yet smooth drive to the basket, forcing you to turn away from whatever you’re doing.

If Rose’s ACL injury had not occurred, those two golden championship rings that LeBron supposedly earned would be decked out Chicago Bulls style and worn on the hands of the “Windy City Assassin” Derrick Rose. He has said it many times before; all he cares about is winning a championship, and that’s the only thing missing from his NBA resume.

Miami (band wagoners) fans shouldn’t be mad; even they know that James had no competition in the hunt for his rings. They better bask in the repeat, because with Derrick Rose back and healthy and the strong Bulls team surrounding him, I’m sure James is going to regret that not one, not two, not three, speech.

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