Kevin Garnett Fires Back At Lebron James, Adds to Nets/Heat Rivalry

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Garnett
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You knew that Kevin Garnett wasn’t just going to stay quiet after Lebron James took a dig at him. James of course implied in some recent comments that the Big Ticket was hypocritical for leaving the Boston Celtics just one year after he criticized Ray Allen for doing the same thing. Garnett waived his no-trade clause to become part of the package that was traded to the Brooklyn Nets this past offseason. Paul Pierce was also part of that package, but he didn’t really have much say in the matter.

So in response to James, Garnett had the following to say: “Tell LeBron to worry about Miami. It has nothing to do with Celtic business.” Pierce also added: “I left Boston?”

This is one of the better NBA debates in a long time. I’m on the side with the people that feel Lebron shouldn’t have said anything. Technically, Garnett is hypocritical for doing the same thing he criticized Allen for. However, due to the drastically different circumstances both players were in, I don’t fault the Big Ticket or think that he’s truly a hypocrite.

Ideally, Garnett would have stayed in Boston, but it just wasn’t in the cards. The Big-Three/Doc Rivers era was clearly over after the 2012-13 season. Rajon Rondo is still on the shelf with an ACL injury and mindset in Boston is now far different than it was 12-14 months ago.

But all in all, everyone involved with the Big-Three came out ahead. Allen got another ring last year and hit the biggest shot of his career. While Garnett and Pierce have another shot at winning at title in Brooklyn. It’s a shot they both deserve. The best part of all, is that the Nets and Miami Heat rivalry will now be better than ever. The Nets already disliked the Heat last year, and now a lot of fuel has been added to the fire because of James’ comments.

If you’re a true basketball fan, you can’t wait for the these two teams to lock up this season.


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