While Carmelo Anthony Eyes West Coast, Los Angeles Clippers Should Play Possum

By christopherbrown
Evan Habeeb USA TODAY Sports

In order to hear stories of the New York Knicks‘ last NBA championship from someone who was actually there, you would likely have to go to the nearest nursing home.

It’s been four decades since the Knicks won a title, yet the city continue to refer themselves as basketball mecca. It didn’t take long for Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony to realize that such a title was not applicable to these Knicks and announced that he will opt out of his contract with team and test free agency.

Anthony claims that being free agent was a “lifelong dream”. Anthony was fully aware that he’d be drafted once he declared himself eligible, therefore being a member of the NBA is far more realistic childhood dream.

Anthony passive aggressively declared himself a free agent two seasons ago when he publicly announced that he wanted out of the Denver Nuggets and privately shouted that his destination of choice was to play in New York City.

The prestige that comes with being a Knick was an intoxicating draw for Anthony, yet the best players in the league were thousands of miles from the Garden, putting his championship hopes further away from his grasp.

There are reports that Antony’s heart and narrowing chance at a championship is somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and the Hollywood sign. The former National Champion wants to play in Los Angeles. Hopefully, the Los Angeles Clippers are not interested.

Anthony is well  respected around the league among his peers, yet he’s plagued more locker rooms than athlete’s foot. He’s a great player and a prolific ball stopper. He dribbles when he’s open to get even more open,  and shoots when he’s double-teamed. This, along with 107 million other reasons, make Anthony a call that should go straight to voice mail.

The Clippers need one more superstar to make them a serious contender, but the 24-second shot clock makes Anthony an unlikely candidate. One doesn’t pay a hardcourt conductor like Chris Paul nine figures to share the ball with someone that doesn’t share.

If the Clippers truly want to slow down the Los Angels Lakers under a Mike D’Antoni offense, they should put Anthony on the floor with Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant. They wouldn’t make past half court.

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