Chicago Bulls Don't Need Another Superstar to Pair with Derrick Rose

By Candice Connell
Derrick Rose
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to the Chicago Bulls giving Derrick Rose another superstar to pair with his talent. Adding another superstar to the already championship-worthy Bulls will hinder them instead of tapping into the full potential of players that they already have. The Bulls’ organization must be very careful when it comes to any trade moves in the future.

The main factor that separates the Bulls from everyone else is that they have the best point guard in the NBA, Derrick Rose. He is like a timeless piece that needs to shine on its own. Mind you, he still needs his team around him. Having players like Joakim Noah, who is the most passionate player whenever he steps on the basketball court puts the Bulls out of the question for needing another superstar to lead their team.

Some players have that special something about them that allows them to shine on their own as a leader of a team. Rose has the same it-factor as Michael Jordan. Whenever they step on the court you know they’re the best on the court, and if you don’t they’ll show you. It didn’t matter if you had seen Jordan play for the first time or if you’ve been a long time fan, when he stepped on the court his moves showed you that he was the best.

Same with Rose — each time he steps on the court, he makes you feel like you didn’t waste your time watching him play basketball. Coming from a girl who thought that basketball was boring, Rose has made me a believer and is strong enough to lead his team on his own.

Let’s be clear, Rose is no LeBron James, who needs to pair with another superstar to get his championship.

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