Kevin Garnett Responds To LeBron James' Comments

By Mike B. Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

Kevin Garnett had a simple, but strong message for LeBron James after the Miami Heat superstar called him and Paul Pierce out for leaving the Boston Celtics for the Brooklyn Nets, despite being critical of Ray Allen when he did the same last year to join the Heat.

“The first thing that I thought was like, ‘Wow, Ray [Allen] got killed for leaving Boston and now these guys are leaving Boston,” said James on Wednesday, fueling the fire. “I think it’s OK. I don’t mind it, but there was a couple guys that basically [criticized] Ray for leaving and everybody else is leaving.”

“Tell LeBron to worry about Miami,” Garnett said after hearing James’ comments. “It has nothing to do with Celtic business.”

Garnett’s assertiveness toward James in his response is exactly what a Nets fan should want to hear. It wasn’t the cliché, ‘We’re not worried about that stuff, it’s in the past and we’re just trying to focus on this season.’

No, instead Garnett went right back at the best player in the world with no fear. That sort of mentality is something that all the Nets players – new or old – need to adopt when it comes to the Heat and what they represent. If the Nets want to win a championship this season, the likelihood is that they’ll have to get past the Heat at some point.

But in order to knock off the two-time defending champs, every last member of Brooklyn’s crew needs to have zero trepidation when it comes to the Heat, the way Garnett represented.

There’s a very fine line between confident and cocky, and Garnett walked it flawlessly with this comment. The literal message delivered was stout, but the one relayed to the Heat between the lines was even more powerful.

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