Utah Jazz Rookies Hazed By Making Them Wear Nailpolish at Shopping Mall

By Dave Daniels
Utah Jazz
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Well rookie hazing is a time honored tradition on most professional sports teams. Currently am reading “Paper Lion” by George Plimpton which I highly recommend. As a novelist he goes into training camp for the Detroit Lions as their “last string quarterback”. It has been fascinating so far, but you can tell the book is dated by the rookie hazing. The rooks were forced to stand on their chairs at the mess hall and sing their team’s fight song. Pretty sure that does not happen in today’s NFL, but who knows.

Saw this amusing video below of some Utah Jazz players getting some rookie hazing in the form of having to paint their fingernails. That is pretty harmless in my opinion and as long as the hazing is good natured, which it appears to be in the clip below. It is definitely more mild than some of the fraternity hazing I endured years ago.

You can see from the video above that John Lucas III is a merry prankster indeed, and the rookies will one day be veterans and get to turn the tables on the young pups coming into the league. Lord knows that fingernail polish can come off quite easily, but the bonds former between these teammates and brothers will never be broken. And if that is not a cheesy closing line, then deal with this gorgonzola.

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