Chicago Bulls: Do They Need a Better Bench?

Chicago Bulls

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The one thing that may separate the Chicago Bulls from the Larry O’ Brien trophy is there teams’ bench performance. They already have a solid superstar leader in Derrick Rose, a passionate on-court presence in Joakim Noah, and a solid scorer in Loul Deng, but do they need a better bench surrounding their core guys?

It’s been no secret that over the years the Bulls’ team have been fully acquainted with letting Defense be their main focal point in the way there team plays. With that being said, if players like Carlos BoozerTaj GibsonKirk HinrichMarquis Teague and the fellow bulls bench lock in on their defense, this Bulls’ team will be fine without the additions of any new bench players. The focus should now be set on working with the guys they have now making sure everyone is set on the same goal.

The most important part of building a team is making sure the chemistry is healthy between the players, even if you have to create bonding moments between the players like going out as a team or taking trips together. The focus should be on team development, not just on the basketball court, but making sure the players have a good relationship with their fellow teammates. So far, the chemistry and signs of trust that the Bulls’ team are showing makes you think that there team is just fine the way they are for now. Even though its still the preseason, the Bulls’ team have been looking up to positive things!

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  • Jon Vander Woude

    When healthy, the Bulls go nine deep with their five starters and Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich, and Nazr Mohammed off the bench.

    That’s one of the top 5-10 benches in the league. Versatility between these guys and the starters allows you to play big, small, defense, offense, shooting, whatever you need.

    And that’s ignoring Tony Snell, a rookie who may work his way into the rotation on a limited basis as well.

    • Candice Connell

      I honestly think that they can beat the Miami Heat with team they have right now. If you look back at the 2011 Dallas Mavericks team, they didn’t need a bunch of superstars to beat the Heat in the finals. Dirk Nowitzki was the only All-Star on the team at the time.

      • Jon Vander Woude

        it all comes down to health. They need their key guys healthy in the playoffs. If that happens, they have a good chance.

        • Candice Connell

          That’s very true, let’s hope they’re all healthy come playoff time.
          I’m glad you took the time to read my article! Keep checking back for the latest Chicago bulls news and opinions!