Don’t Expect Much from Remaining Two Los Angeles Lakers Preseason Games

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Los Angeles Lakers return home from a tiring eight day trip to China full of media activity, preseason games and charity events, they will look to get ready for their final two preseason games before the tipoff of the regular season. Both of these last two exhibition games are against the Utah Jazz.

The Lakers are surely jet-lagged from such a long and labor intensive trip meaning old veterans players like Steve Nash and Pau Gasol will be spending more time nursing swollen joints and preparing for the regular season tipoff against the crosstown rivalry Los Angeles Clippers than they will giving energy to an exhibition content against the season tanking Jazz. The only other piece of news of extreme relevance to come out of the Lakers camp the last few days is that Kobe Bryant looks to definitely not be prepared for the season opener and has still not announced when he expects to be able to return to the hardwood floor.

The only thing that will matter in these last two preseason games will be players towards the bottom of the depth chart getting their last few chances to fight for a roster spot or regular season minutes since the starting roster is just about set. There is only one last remaining piece missing to that starting roster and that will be who starts alongside Pau Gasol in this shaky Lakers front court. Don’t be surprised if both Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill swap that starting role multiple times throughout this season.

As a Lakers fan it’s time to cheer on Nick “Swaggy P” Young‘s ridiculous scoring antics and just ignore the scoreboard.

Hold on to your seats; it’s going to be a long year.

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  • Marty Susman

    We all, all of us that are true Laker fan’s need to accept that the team is in a major rebuilding mode as it should be… We need to forget about this season & look towards the future…We need to first & formost want Kobe to take it easy & not come back until he is 100% ready so he does not end up destryng whats left of his basketball life. Next we need to want the Lakers to first trade, Gasol, Nash & Blake for 5 first round picks in total. Those picks plus what we have plus the bucks we have will get us players like K. Irving, J.Wall, Beal, Barnes & so on…..

    • Jim213

      ??? Most they can get for these 3 players would be 2 #1 drafts picks that mostly apply for Gasol. Nash will be turning 40 and Blake… well there’s no real value to Blake that another team would risk a #1 pick as he’d be a throw in player to a trade. But aside of that the next off season will determine if the Lakers are in a rebuilding or reloading phase.

      • Marty Susman

        I disagree, Gasol is worth two picks without question. One being below 10 & the other below 20. Nash could be worth big time to a contender who needs him to out them over, a team like the Heat would gladly do so ir teams in Canada that need a larger fan base. Yes Blake is the worst of the three but he is a bench player & should at least get then a low 2

        • Jim213

          Cool, your view. The problem with Gasol is his inconsistency to play at a high level year after year. Depending on the Lakers season, (if bad) he’d likely be placed on the trade block again. I don’t think the team would want to keep him around especially if he doesn’t earn his $19 mil pay for this season. Although, he’d likely get traded before the trade deadline to get something in return since he’ll be a FA in 2014.

          Only a few contending teams in the NBA may go for Nash. However, given his age and injuries these past few season’s they wouldn’t take chances on trading a #1 draft pick IMO. Nash is also expected to earn $9 mil this season so it would also be unlikely that someone would pick him up before the trade deadline unless a team is under the salary cap. Or unless the Brooklyn Nets management is seriously interested (will pay over $100 mil in luxury taxes this season).

          • Marty Susman

            I think Gasol is gone, 100% & I still think he will get us two 1st rounders…..As for Nash, yes his bucks are steep BUT he could give a contender a great boost off the bench toward getting a ring…..

          • Jim213

            IMO, for Gasol, it’ll depend on his early season play aside of the team’s wins ans losses. Otherwise, he’d likely be traded before the deadline. I also don’t see team’s giving up #1 draft picks for Nash.

            A player for player trade is more likely to occur here unless he experiences more injuries this up coming season. Which likely would get him amnestied during the 2014 off season similar to MWP given the team’s luxury tax.

  • Marty Susman

    Lets also remember the Lakers first month of play, they will be lucky to win 3 games & with luck the coach will be gone…He will be gone by year end so the faster then better….Kurt will take over as TEMP head guy but I doubt he will be permanent.