Utah Jazz Extend Big Man Derrick Favors with Hefty Contract

By Dave Daniels
Russell Isabella – USA Today Sports

The Utah Jazz are already designing their future and it appears that Derrick Favors figures in it. They inked an extension with Favors, which will hopefully keep him in Utah for the next four years barring any trades.

Initially saw the news below so all thanks to Sam Amick.

Hate to break it to Jazz fans, but just do not see playoffs happening for them this year. In better news though, Hall of Famer John Stockton released an autobiography that I will hopefully get for Christmas or something like that. Maybe I’ll just have to get up off my lazy American ass and go to the book store. You know you’ve heard of those right? Just like there used to be video stores and then netflix happened. Oh the good old days. Stockton is a hero of mine, and you can bet that he was not the reason the Jazz never got it done back in their contention days. It had a little bit more to do with doofus Karl Malone.

In any case the Jazz have not sniffed title contention since before the days of Netflix, and back in the Stockton-Malone era. Hopefully Favors and fellow big man Enes Kanter can return them to the glory that is May and June basketball, but have to admit…. have my doubts.

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