Where’s The Love For The Miami Heat?

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Less than a week after I declared that the media was on a LeBron James love-fest, the entire NBA world is letting it be known that there’s still plenty of hatred for the Miami Heat.

After three years with a target on their backs, the heat has moved to Miami’s chests — like teams are so tired of them winning, that they want to take them out while looking them in the eyes. And if you ask Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban there’s no better promotion than these feelings.

“With the two titles, they’re still like the bad guys,” Cuban told reporters (via ESPN). “There’s a confidence bordering on arrogance that is good for them as a team and good for us as a league because it also makes them the team that everybody wants to knock off.”

That was more than noticeable when the Brooklyn Nets went out of their way to praise how much Paul Pierce’s body block on James — last Thursday — was a testament to the team’s newfound toughness; even though it was a move made in a meaningless game.

However, it’s easy to see why teams would hate the Heat. They get Super Bowl coverage for everything they do from big time New York newspaper coverage of player’s weddings to the fuss over how one traveled to a Jay Z concert.

For Miami, it’s just another day in the life of “the Heatles”. But for other squads, it’s borderline sickening. Especially now that the Heat’s confidence has them speaking freely on other team’s problems — while rebuking any talk of their own.

Chalk that up as another reason Joakim Noah thinks the Heat are “Hollywood as hell.” But you have to love it.

“That’s always good for the NBA when you have a team that everybody looks forward to beating,” said Cuban. “Like when we beat them, I would go to places I’ve never been and people would give me a standing ovation. That’s good for the NBA.”

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