Golden State Warriors Top Grantland's League Pass Rankings

By Dave Daniels
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Golden State Warriors are officially on the map folks.

They recently topped Grantland’s League Pass rankings, and cannot help but recommend their team preview series being done by Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose who seem to be gearing up to have a stranglehold on providing quality basketball content.

You can check out the excellent piece below by Simmons, and you might be surprised to see Kevin Durant’s squad so low on the list.

The Warriors adding Andre Iguodala was a huge and underrated addition. This guy is an Olympic gold medalist, and also a true professional. He smartly got out of a situation in Denver that seems to be deteriorating after the departure of their head coach. Also recently read an interview with Iggy where he mentioned an interest in technology, and you can bet he is in the right part of the country for that. Think this might end up being the most productive season of his career due to the talent he is surrounded with.

Their three point shooting has clearly captured the imagination of all the basketball loving world, and if Stephen Curry’s papier mache ankles can hold up to the strain again this year then we should see some more playoff basketball in the Bay Area.

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