Houston Rockets Should Trade Omer Asik For Former Dwightmare Teammate Ryan Anderson

By Dave Daniels
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Anderson owes Dwight Howard quite a bit of money, and the forward probably knows it too. The sharpshooter (not referring to Howard) never played better than in the Orlando days where the floor spacing was aplenty and the wins came without all the drama around it. Those were beautiful days it is a sham the way Howard torpedoed it.

The recent addition of the Dwightmare to the Rockets makes Omer Asik pretyy redundant, and a trade of the young big man is probably imminent at least by February. They will try playing the two together for stretches next season, but it simply messes with the floor spacing. Obviously Asik can be huge off the bench as he proved in Chicago, but ultimately it will make more sense to trade for someone who can play longer minutes, leave the post free for Dwight, and and also knock down some open threes.

Sounds exactly like Anderson does it not?

Anderson benefits greatly from playing with a player like Howard for a simple reason. They do not occupy the same space on the floor. You will see Asik and Howard get in each other’s way more often than not especially on offense, because they both love to crash the boards hard.

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