Iowa Energy GM Chris Makris Calls Chicago Open D-League Tryouts "Best In Terms of the Talent Level"

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Had the good fortune to attend the Iowa Energy’s D-League Open Tryouts that took place in Chicago, which general manager Chris Makris told me was the “best in terms of the talent level” of all the different cities they held tryouts in. They went to D.C. as well as New Orleans; the Chicago Bulls are one of the pro affiliate teams for the Energy.

Was at the tryouts for the entire day, and there were some excellent players there who will definitely be in the D-League next season, but also a lot who were clearly not ready basketball at a professional level. This made the mixing of match-ups in five-on-five games difficult because of such a varying talent level.

You can view my full interview with Makris below, and he was more than a gentleman to make time to talk to me both before and after the tryout.

Apologies for the shakiness of the video, one day I will hit it big enough to have a cameraman, but for the moment my smartphone in my right hand is my camera man. Makris was both eloquent and also elusive, which you can see when I asked if anyone at the tryout surprised him.

“Yeah there were,” Makris said. “Not names I’ll probably give you right now, because we like them too much, and who knows who is going to see this.”

Will try and get back to these tryouts next season if the fates allow it, and thanks for reading. If you are a potential baller you should definitely go and check out the Energy’s open tryouts again next year, because as you can see from the interview above you never know what could happen.

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