Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Kevin Durant Continues to Call Out Dwyane Wade

By Dave Daniels
Kevin Durant
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is not backing down on this thing at ALL. The small forward claimed that Dwyane Wade was not one of the top ten players in the league anymore, and that James Harden had leapfrogged the three time champion. A very public disagreement followed between the two Gold Medalists.

Have to say I agree, and here is hoping that Durant and Wade meet in the Finals again next year because the bad blood could reach new levels by that time. Animosity in sports is something that I am always for, and it is an underrated aspect of rivalries.

It would certainly be an all time classic and you can be sure the Thunder would make it last more than 5 games this time around. Some people claimed this was a feud created by the Gatorade company, and as someone who has worked with them before can definitely say that is not the case.

This is professional sports. The reality of it that some fans might not realize is that these guys and girls that we all watch on TV have huge egos.

They have to!

In order to get to the spot they are at you have to have a big ego, and sometimes those egos knock heads as Wade and Durant’s did recently.

Me? I think it is all fun.

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