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Top 5 New York Knicks To Watch In 2013-14 Season

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Top 5 Knicks To Watch This Season

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The New York Knicks are coming off their best season in decades in 2013-14. In the 12-13 season, they ended up being the second overall seed in the Eastern Conference. The won their first playoff series when they took down the rival Boston Celtics in the first round. They lost in the Eastern Semi-Finals to the young and hungry Indiana Pacers. This season, they made some personnel changes to try to compete with the Miami Heat, the Pacers and the new-look Brooklyn Nets.

They took a few chances with the moves they made. They brought in some guys they are taking chances on. If they work out, then it could be a very good, even historic season for this franchise. If not, they could lose their superstar.

The 2013-14 season is the most important season of the new millennium for the Knicks. If the moves don't work, then the moves they have been making for five years to put them in this position will have been for nothing. They also could become a fringe contender in the East if things don't go the way the Heat have planned.

Either way, this is a big season. Madison Square Garden should expect the best out of this team. It is still the best arena in the world. Mike Woodson and the Knicks have all the talent to be a very good team. How will the talent mesh? Where is the defense coming from? These are questions that need to be asked about them. These five players are players you need to watch all season.

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5. Metta World Peace

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Metta World Peace is one of the players the Knicks brought in on a flyer that still has something left in the tank. Known for his great defense, he is going to try and make superstar Carmelo Anthony a better player in practice. In games, he will most likely take the opposition's best player when he is out there. It feels like he has been around forever, but he is only 33-years old. If he can stay healthy, he will be a huge asset for this team coming off the bench. In a team that is lacking defense, World Peace will give them a huge boost.

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4. Andrea Bargnani

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In a trade that may have sent way too many future picks, along with Marcus Camby and Steve Novak, the Knicks received former first overall pick Andrea Bargnani from the Toronto Raptors. This made many Knicks fans scratch their head. He may be seven feet tall, but Bargnani didn't even average four rebounds per game last season. He is going to need to play extremely better to make this trade worth it. Maybe Woodson and his system can help him with his abilities to pull down more rebounds. He also only played in 35 games last season. He is going to have a huge target on his back when the season starts -- might as well watch how it turns out.

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3. Tyson Chandler

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Tyson Chandler might have been the most important piece on this Knicks team outside of Anthony. He was the defensive rock in the middle that helped turn this team from the third-worst defensive team in the league all the way to the seventh best. That is a serious turnaround, and Chandler is to blame. Last season, he was dealing with back issues that made him a fraction of what he usually is. He was man-handled in the Indiana series by Roy Hibbert. Is that going to light a fire under him? Is age catching up to him? These are the reason why you need to keep an eye on the big man in the middle.

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2. J.R. Smith

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The plight of J.R. Smith is well documented. He went from Sixth Man of the Year in the regular season to completely disappearing in the post season. His production went down for points per game and his shooting percentage lost nearly 100 points. He could not hit the broad side of the barn when it mattered in the playoffs. How will he bounce back from that? Is he going to start over Iman Shumpert? Smith needs to play up to his new contract, which keeps him here for at least two more years, most likely three. He states that he loves it in New York; well, he needs to play like he does.

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1. Carmelo Anthony

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Seriously, who else could it have been? (Don't say Amar'e Stoudemire, we all know he will be out for at least three months this season). Carmelo Anthony has already made it known that he is going to opt out at the end of the season to pursue free agency. Whether it is a ploy to try to get more money out of James Dolan or a serious threat, he is going to be auditioning all season. Is there any chance he can play better than last season when he stole an MVP vote from LeBron James? He is playing for much more than just his team. He is the player to watch on this team, if not in the entire league. A monster year could be on the horizon.