Top 5 Things Kevin Durant Must Improve On To Become MVP

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Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant

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There's no doubt that the Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant will be an MVP candidate. But in order to dethrone last year's NBA MVP, LeBron James, he'll need to work on certain areas of his game. In the past few years, Durant has been the runner-up for the MVP Award. As great of a player as he is, it'll take a lot for him to sway votes away from James. Derrick Rose, the last MVP who wasn't named LeBron James, is also returning to action after missing a full year. Durant will have to do even more to make sure that Rose doesn't slide ahead of him in the MVP race. While James, Rose and Durant will be three early favorites for the award, expect some unexpected candidates to make their way onto the list. Players like James Harden, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant could easily clip Durant for his position.

Durant cannot just duplicate another MVP-like season. He has to be better than he ever has been, and that won't be easy. Still, there's no reason to believe that a player of his caliber isn't capable of taking his game to another level in such a short period of time. Most would expect a drop-off in production from James, if Durant were to win the MVP award. I wouldn't bank on James' numbers taking any kind of dip. It's all up to Durant. If he wants to win his first MVP, he'll have to put in the time. He'll have a chance to shine as his all-star teammate, Russell Westbrook, sits out the first month and a half with a lingering knee injury suffered in last year's playoffs. Durant could really earn a lot of respect if he leads his team to an impressive record while Westbrook is sidelined.

Here's my list of five important things that Kevin Durant must do in order to win his first MVP Award.

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5. Passing/Assists

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If Kevin Durant could up his passing ability just a bit, he could easily average six or more assists a game, inching him closer his first MVP award.

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4. Post Play

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Now at 240 pounds, Kevin Durant should be able to be more effective in the post.

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3. Defense

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With added weight, and more experience, Durant should be able to stand his ground more when he's matched up against tough opponents.

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2. Leadership

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Durant has become better in his leadership role, but needs to continue to be more vocal both on and off of the court.

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1. Aggressiveness

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KD needs to be more aggressive, and not settle for as many jump shots as he has in the past.

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