Chicago Bulls Prove To Be NBA's Best In Preseason

By Candice Connell
Chicago Bulls
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

So far, the Chicago Bulls are proving to be the best team in the NBA this preseason. Holding a current 6-0 record and coming out on top of the Eastern Conference, the Bulls seem more than ready for the start of the new NBA season. With Derrick Rose leading the way and back in his rhythm, nothing seems to be holding the Bulls back from destroying everyone in their path.

What is even more impressive than their perfect record thus far would have to be their ability to play and win without their whole team being at full health. Notably sidelined is Joakim Noah with a groin injury, Kirk Hinrich with a concussion and Jimmy Butler with a bruised left knee.

Don’t you dare cry for them Argentina! How this Bulls team has been playing in the preseason alone proves that even with a couple of team members down, they won’t be held back or make excuses for themselves.

What the Bulls have been showing us so far this preseason is that all the worries that we had about this team before are completely irrelevant to what they are currently showcasing for all of the NBA and the world too see. It’s like they answered all of the critics by playing their game. Their focus has sharpened and their minds seem to all be on the same page of simply winning.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just the preseason; every moment this Bulls team gets, they’ll be looking to prove the naysayers wrong. It just goes to show that the Bulls have their eyes on the prize of winning that championship, just like a real bull would on a matador’s cape.

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