Los Angeles Clippers Fans Shouldn't Worry About Chris Paul's Retirement Comments

By Andrew Fisher
Chris Paul
Jayne Kamin-Oncea – USA TODAY sports

Los Angeles Clippers‘ fans certainly weren’t expecting to hear the word ‘retirement’ associated with Chris Paul anytime this season. However, the point guard himself brought it up during a recent interview. Not only did he mention retirement, he talked about the possibility of hanging up his sneakers early.

“I love to play basketball more than anybody. I’m serious, nobody loves to play basketball more than I do. But I could honestly see myself maybe stopping a little early or premature just because I hate to miss anything with my kids. I would hate for my kids to recall those special moments in their life, and I wasn’t there.”

Paul of course just signed a five-year deal with the Clippers. At the end of that contract, he’ll be 34-years old. If he decided to call it a career at that point, I’m not sure it would classify as an early retirement. It would only feel like an early retirement because it’s Cp3, one of the greatest point guards of all time.

Fans don’t want stars to hang it up early. They want their stars to go until the wheels fall off, just so they know they’ve given all they have. Paul figures to have plenty left in the tank at 34, so it’s hard to imagine him walking away at that point. Regardless, five years is a long time. A lot could happen between now and then. Clippers fans shouldn’t read too much into these comments, simply because there are just too many unknowns. In the meantime, enjoy five more years of Cp3.


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