NBA GMs Want Kevin Durant Taking Last Shot; Good Call?

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Durant
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is rapidly approaching. By this point, most of us have had our fill of preseason polls and player rankings. But Tuesday marked the release of’s annual General Manger survey. The survey has been conducted for 12 years now and it covers a wide variety of topics. GMs vote on who they think is most likely to win the NBA title, who will win the MVP and many other various topics. One such topic – who do you want taking the last shot?

This is of course a very popular topic and debate amongst NBA fans. But the results of the GM survey named a guy that’s not often brought into the conversation – Kevin Durant.

KD (39.3%) won the vote by a fairly wide margin over Kobe Bryant (32.1%). Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony were the other top vote-getters, coming in at 7.1% a piece.

Durant is as confident as anybody in his abilities. He has that killer instinct that you just can’t coach. I’d be just fine with him taking the last shot for my team. The surprising part is that he was the choice, despite not having a lengthy history of hitting game-winners like Bryant does. Still, you just can’t argue having the ball in Durant’s hands as the clock is ticking down.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this survey is that James only garnered a small percentage of the vote. The numbers say Lebron is a lot more clutch than he’s perceived to be, but apparently the GM’s aren’t buying it.


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