San Antonio Spurs Wearing Camouflage Jerseys Worse Than Sleeved Jerseys

By Cody Williams
San Antonio Spurs camo
Soobum Im – USA Today Sports Images

In the 2011-2012 NBA season, the Toronto Raptors debuted alternate jerseys that featured a camouflage color scheme. Personally, the Raptors jerseys, which they still wear on occasion, are absolutely atrocious. Now the San Antonio Spurs are set to join them in the ‘Duck Dynasty’ side of NBA alternate jersey style.

According to a report from Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News, the Spurs will debut camouflage jerseys this season “to honor San Antonio’s strong military roots.” The Spurs have yet to release pictures of the jerseys, but the new alternates will be released shortly. San Antonio wing Danny Green called the jerseys “pretty nice.”

I realize that we haven’t seen the jerseys yet and I understand the sentiment behind honoring the military in San Antonio. However, camouflage jerseys are worse than the sleeved alternate jerseys that are plaguing the NBA at the moment. Judging by the Raptors’, which I can only presume are similar to the ones that San Antonio will be wearing, they look absolutely terrible and look more like something an awful AAU team from down south would wear thinking it was really awesome when it actually is far from being any kind of cool.

Teams will look to make money through merchandising in almost any way possible, which I also understand. With the military history in San Antonio, these camouflage jerseys may actually sell well around the team in Texas. Even with that potential to sell, this is still the second terrible alternate jersey that the Spurs have debuted in the past two years, including their horrible alternates with the big logo and small numbers. There’s no announcement as to when the jerseys will be worn this season, but chances are that I will still dislike them as much then as I already dislike the idea of them now.

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