Should The Chicago Bulls Entertain The Idea Of Getting Carmelo Anthony?

By Tiana Rankin
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony said he wants to test free agency next season, but could the star be headed to the Windy City?

Let’s put this into perspective and assume the Chicago Bulls decide not to re-sign Luol Deng next season, gets rid of Carlos Boozer, and clears up enough cap space to sign Anthony. Derrick Rose now has another star on the team and the Bulls look like the favorites to win it all in 2014-2015, however, there’s one problem with this scenario – it wouldn’t work. Anthony is arguably one of the best pure scorers in the game and it’s virtually impossible to guard this guy, but this guy can’t, or won’t, play defense to save his life. The Bulls play defense, and not just any old defense, they play hard-nose defense and aren’t afraid to get physical with the opposing team. They create turnovers and get points off fastbreaks, so how will signing Melo be conducive to the overall dynamic of the team? It’s not going to be; albeit I love watching Melo play, I just can’t see him wearing a Bulls jersey.

Another reason why the idea wouldn’t work is because Anthony is known as a ballstopper. His favorite offensive play is the isolation (iso), and if anyone knows the Bulls, they know that the offense goes through Rose and he’s the one that sets everything up. They do a lot of pick-and-rolls, pick-and-pops and cutting, and that’s not Melo’s game. He’s ineffective without the ball in his hand and I can’t see him taking a backseat to anyone. A lot of guys on the team would lose out on touches, because Melo likes to play “let’s see how long I can dribble before I can get my shot off.” Yes, the Bulls need a reliable scorer, but not at the expense of ruining the overall chemistry and makeup of the team.

The Bulls are an organic bunch and they really value the idea of team basketball, and throwing Melo in the equation would disrupt that team flow. Plus, the deal would only work if they’re giving up a lot of valuable pieces, and to me, the gain involved does not outweigh the risks.

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