ESPN Top 10 NBA Player Rankings Got it Wrong

By Will Connolly
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 ESPN NBA player rankings are out, and there seems to be some debate amongst the top 10 choices.

In my personal opinion, the top five should be the best point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center in the league, followed by their top five backups. This was not the case for this year’s top 10.

Although I agree with three out of the top five, Russell Westbrook does not deserve to be in the top five because he is the second best point guard in the league behind Chris Paul and should be replaced by the best power forward, Tim Duncan. Kevin Durant also should be ranked No.6, as he is the second best small forward in the league behind LeBron James.

As for the rest of the top 10, Kobe Bryant being left out of that list is like leaving Michael Jordan out of the talk as the greatest player of all-time. It’s just absurd that Derrick Rose is ranked in the top 10 considering he hasn’t even played in a single regular season game in over a year. Mark Gasol is rightfully placed at No. 10 because he is the second best center in the league, not to mention last year’s Defensive Player of the Year. Kevin Love is a must in the top 10 as he is the second best power forward in the league who gets overlooked because he is on a team that never makes the playoffs. Paul George is a rising star who also deserves to be placed in the top 10 as he is the second best shooting guard in the league.

So, my top 10 is as follows: 1. LeBron James 2. Chris Paul 3. Dwight Howard 4. Kobe Bryant 5. Tim Duncan 6. Kevin Durant 7. Russell Westbrook 8. Paul George 9. Kevin Love 10. Mark Gasol.

Now some of you may disagree with my choices, but I think that’s why we have these debates. I feel that a player’s rank should not only be determined by their raw talent, but their ability to change the outcome for their team when they are on the floor. Just take that into consideration when analyzing my top 10.

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