Fab Melo, Renaldo Balkman Run Out of Time With Dallas Mavericks

By Andrew Duffy
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY

I’d hate to say I told you so, but here we are. Fab Melo and Renaldo Balkman are no longer with the Dallas Mavericks.

Unfortunately for Melo and Balkman, along with D.J. Kennedy and Devin Ebanks, money talks. The Mavericks already have a full roster’s worth of guaranteed contracts, thereby making it nearly impossible for any player without a guaranteed contract to catch on in Dallas in any kind of permanent capacity.

Balkman was arguably the most effective of the four players who were released, but as a 29-year-old trying to make a comeback after being out of basketball all of last year, he needed to bring something to the court that nobody else could, which he failed to do.

The other players had much less of an impact, with the exception of Ebanks who made some waves by getting suspended. Melo and Kennedy were practically invisible in their time with the Mavericks.

At this point in the preseason, it doesn’t make as much sense to have a ton of guys who aren’t going to make the team. It’s getting close enough to the start of the regular season that Coach Rick Carlisle will want to begin using a rotation more like what he’ll use in the regular season. It also doesn’t make sense to have the coaches waste practice time with players who won’t be here in just a couple weeks.

Interestingly, Mickey McConnell is still with the team on an non-guaranteed contract, but that is almost certainly simply because he plays point guard, a position in need of some depth with Devin Harris and Shane Larkin both out with injury. However, this could also indicate that the Mavericks like McConnell enough to try to stash him on their D-League team. Either way, barring further injury, there’s no chance he’ll make the final roster.

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