Portland Trail Blazers Had Best Offseason of Any Team in the NBA

By Dave Daniels
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When I found out Neil Olshey was working on a month to month contract when he was in LA, then it did not surprise me when shortly afterward he accepted a position (and longer contract) with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Donald Sterling is a complete ass, and it is a shame that people as evil as him have so much power in the world. My readers know my position on that though, so hope I am not shocking anyone.

Olshey was the one who engineered the Chris Paul trade, which has basically single-handedly transformed the franchise.

Well, geniuses tend to be able to use their intelligence in multiple places so it appears that Olshey is playing his cards well so far in Portland. I loved their offseason additions. C.J. McCollum will probably be out for the start of the year, but it would not surprise me if he finishes in the top three of rookie of the year voting. The addition of Thomas Robinson cannot be overstated as well, especially for the low risk and high reward factor.

This is a roster that has great development potential down the line, and they could be poised for a big move either this February or after the season depending on how the season unfolds.

Olshey is doing a spectacular job to be sure, and the winning days should continue in Portland as long as they have that man running the ship.

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