Who Will Be This Year’s Big Shot Maker Off the Bench for the Miami Heat?

By Jared Doyle
John Rieger- USA Today Sports

Any title contending team in the NBA has to have a devastating starting lineup but more importantly a bench that can hold there own, especially in the playoffs. Each of the last two title runs for the Miami Heat has had a role player making crucial shots to help seal a championship. During the 2011-12 NBA Finals, both Shane Battier and Mike Miller made it rain from beyond the arc, allowing the Heat to pull away from the Oklahoma City Thunder in the dwindling minutes of several crucial games in the finals series.

Fast forward to the 2012-13 NBA Finals, and this time it’s Ray Allen making huge shot after huge shot for the defending champs. If it weren’t for his timely three point shot off of a Chris Bosh rebound, we could be looking at the San Antonio Spurs as the current NBA Champs.

This season, the Heat have brought on several key veterans to help them over the giant hump that is the NBA playoffs. The Heat will be looking once again for a role player that can contribute offensively off the bench, but more-so, won’t be afraid of the big shot in a key moment through the Heat’s playoff run. This player will be Michael Beasley. Although his numbers have been on the decline since entering the league as the second overall pick, by joining the Heat’s roster, he has the opportunity to play as a role player instead of a starter, which equates to less pressure on how well he performs. Throughout the six preseason games that Beasley has played in a Heat uniform, he has averaged 11.3 points and 3.67 rebounds while shooting 47 percent from the field. These are great numbers for a player that is only averaging 16 minutes a game. Beasley’s offensive output will be huge for the Heat, but come playoff time, his production will be heavily relied on, especially when one of the starters has an off night.

Beasley has knocked down big shots in career before, so expect him to knock down big shots for the defending champs in the season’s potential postseason run.

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