Why Is Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade Backing Michael Beasley?

By Shane Phillips
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever felt guilty about something you did or how you treated someone? Have you ever felt somewhat responsible for the troubled life that a friend or colleague has lived? Have you ever tried to fix it?

That is what I believe is currently happening with the Miami HeatDwyane Wade and Michael Beasley.

All of Beasley’s troubles are well documented and his return to South Beach has been praised, criticized or shrugged at by everyone and their mother, but Wade has now added his thought on the subject.

In a recent Q&A on Twitter, Wade was asked about “his thoughts on Beasley.” His response, “I love the guy. Always have. I’m more of a fan this time around.”

I have to be the Devil’s advocate and ask the following questions; Why are you more of a fan this time around? Do you feel bad about what happened to Beasley during his first stint in Miami? Do you think you could have been a better mentor when Beasley first entered the league?

An NBA team is a business, Pat Riley and the Heat made moves to return them to the top of the pecking order in the league. Beasley was drafted and kicked out two years later. Does Wade feel somewhat responsible for Beasley’s rocky path? Could Wade have showed Beasley the ropes better than he did?

Maybe I am just trying to read too deep into a social media posting or maybe I am on the right track. Beasley is not only Riley’s redemption project, but Wade’s also. I have no idea what the locker room was like in 2008, but so far it seems like the Heat organization feels a bit guilty about Beasley and want to make things better.

Enough of me playing psychiatrist, but how about just one more comment before I stop. Beasley has done nothing to make anyone more of a fan. He has underachieved, broke laws, faced numerous law enforcement officers, failed multiple drug tests and has disappointed many. In his three seasons away from Miami, what could he have possibly done that made Wade “more of a fan this time around”?

Either Beasley has done something right in his first month back in South Beach, or Wade is trying to make up for the first time around.

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