Zaza Pachulia Can’t Wait to See What Larry Drew Does with Milwaukee Bucks

By Michael Terrill
Zaza Pachulia Can’t Wait to See What Larry Drew Does with Milwaukee Bucks
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the Milwaukee Bucks’ record is not exactly what the team had hoped for at the beginning of the preseason. To be 0-5 is not something to be proud of, especially when there are so many new faces trying to make a name on a new team. One of those new faces is center Zaza Pachulia. He is one of several people who could care less about Milwaukee’s preseason record. He is simply excited to see what head coach Larry Drew is going to do with the new team.

Pachulia, like the rest of the players, understand that the preseason does not mean anything. Obviously, it would be encouraging to see the Bucks play well and be undefeated instead of winless. However, the team has dealt with so many injuries the past few weeks that it is understandable why they are not completely on the same page.

The one thing Pachulia is looking forward to is how Drew is going to handle the team once the regular season starts.

“I always had fun playing for ‘L.D.,’” Pachulia said, according to “The first thing I want to mention is he always says to his teams, ‘We should average 25 assists if we want to win the game.’ Basketball is a team sport. It’s always fun for everyone to play with a team that averages 25 assists. It’s fun for the fans, too. We won a lot of games like that.

“He has the experience of coaching new guys, just last year. We had a lot of new guys. We have great guys here – great veterans and great, young rookies who are committed and willing to learn. They’re willing to learn the system right away.

“He loves this game. He’s really professional. He’s always prepared for the games. He’s fun to play for.”

Hopefully, the players will buy into what Drew is trying to sell. It is no secret that the only way the Bucks will be successful this season is if they play team basketball. It is all about building chemistry. Obviously, it is going to take some time in order for that to happen. The good news is Milwaukee is using the preseason to get the bad out of the way so that they can hit the ground running next week.

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