A Match Made In Heaven: Kobe Bryant and The Oklahoma City Thunder

By Brian Anderson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No one knows what’s going through the mind of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Judging by his cadence in some recent videos, Bryant appears to be as happy and as upbeat as any millionaire basketball star should be. His focus is completely on getting healthy enough to play ball. Besides his nagging injury, Bryant may not have many worries off the court nowadays, but he does have a ton to worry about whenever he does return to action.

The departure of Dwight Howard was a bad enough situation to be deemed one of Hollywood’s more entertaining horror mini-series’. It’s only right that the 2013-14 NBA season starts just around Halloween, because the Los Angeles Lakers‘ chances of winning the NBA Finals are scarier than ever. Lakers fans worldwide are frightened of the thought that their team may be on the brink of one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

Most people would be quick to blame the “Dwightmare” as result of their current situation. I don’t think Bryant would be one of those people, even if he did un-follow Howard on Twitter. As only he should, Bryant sees no reason why his team can’t work themselves into being just as good as any team in the league. What seems like a false sense of hope may just be exactly what Bryant wants for Lakers fans. I think he may even have a hidden agenda somewhere beneath all the smiles.

It’s a very real possibility that Bryant could soon opt out of his contract and become a free-agent. It’s something that a lot of people aren’t talking about because they’d rather focus on every move that LeBron James makes, but I’m more interested in talking about the guy with five rings, one away from matching Michael Jordan‘s collection of bling. If Bryant leaves the Lakers, no one would have the right to question Mamba’s decision. After years of success with the Lakers, Bryant could make no wrong choice. It’d be completely selfish of fans in L.A. to think that Bryant owes them everything he has left in the tank.

If Bryant were smart, he’d closely watch what James does. If James decides to leave the Miami Heat and have another city envy him for jumping ship to another super-team, it’d be in Bryant’s best interest to do just the same. The only thing that might keep him in purple and gold for sure is if somehow the Lakers wooed in a top-tier free agent to boost Bryant’s confidence. So, if Bryant does leave, what would be the one place he’d be comfortable while having a great chance to win another title?

That answer is in Oklahoma City as a member of the Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder have a spot wide open at shooting guard right now. The development of Jeremy Lamb would have to wait if they happened to get their hands on Bryant. It’d actually benefit Lamb to sit and watch the greatness of the Mamba for a year or two. It’d be a win-win situation regardless of the outcome. I’d like to think that there would be no team James could join that would be able to defeat the Thunder.

The Thunder’s starting lineup would consist of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, and No. 24. There’s no way that team wouldn’t run through the league en route to Bryant’s sixth title. While it may be just a dream for OKC fans, never forget that anything is possible. Especially, in the wacky world of the NBA. I can almost feel the excitement of Mamba hitting the game winner to clinch the NBA championship for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Oh, how wonderful that would be.

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