Brooklyn Nets Player Profile 2013: Deron Williams

By Mark Wilson

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

This is the year Deron Williams could challenge Chris Paul for the best point guard in the league. The Brooklyn Nets are stacked at each position. The starting unit is arguably the best in the league with three future Hall of Fame players, and depending on Brook Lopez’s career, possibly four. Williams has a coach whom he can learn the nuisances of the game from. Jason Kidd is one of the few coaches around the league that can say, “Look, this is the way this should be done,” and players will actually listen. 

Last season,3 Williams averaged 19 points and eight assist per game for the Nets with minimal help. The new additions of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce should cause for Williams to drop his scoring average but increase his assist per game average. I believe Williams still has a 2008-11 campaign in him where his averages were 16 points and 11 assist per game. In order for the Nets to be successful, their leader has to be unselfish for the benefit to the team.

There are not too many players in the league with the lateral quickness to defend Williams. Try to play him tight, and he will blow pass you with his quick first-step. Play off of him, and he will drain perimeter shots all night. He also can back you down on the post and score, a triple threat. Some coaches like to tell their players to beat up on the point guard, especially if he comes in the paint. Williams is listed at 6-foot-3, 209 pounds, so good luck with that plan.

The one aspect of having Kidd in his corner is going to be the defense. He only averages one steal per, and that has to increase. Williams is going to be the point of attack, not only on offense but defense as well. Defense starts fast- breaks, either with a steal or bad shot selections leading to rebounds. It begins with Williams. Kidd was one of the best in being able to read passing lanes in his career. Quickness can’t be taught, but anticipation can. Kidd will have him in the right position to lead the league in steals.

There is no more complaining about a coaches’ style of play or a lack of help, management has solved those problems. It’s time for Williams to take hold of this team and lead them to a championship I know they can win. If it all goes down like I see it, Williams will not only be an NBA Champ, he will be considered the best point guard in the league.

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