Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose's Return Finalizes Puzzle

By Aydin Reyhan
Derick Rose
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls have finally been reunited with their leader Derrick Rose. The point guard’s return brings a renewed tenacity, speed, skill and unbelievable talent from one player that brings out the very best in the entire team. If he was around and healthy last season, they could have perhaps defeated the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

However, that is only a maybe that we will never know of the result of. Now, we can only look forward to this upcoming season.

Rose is leading the team in scoring in the preseason as the team is a whopping 7-0. If LeBron James and company weren’t worried before, they should definitely be worried now. They know there is a true contender besides themselves who can win it all from the Eastern Conference.

Everyone is talking about a possible Miami three-peat, but those who are using those words are forgetting about the Indiana Pacers, the Brooklyn Nets and of course the Bulls, who have their All-Star right back where they need him.

Honestly, the regular season is and always will be more competitive than the preseason, so we should not be getting too excited about the Chicago outfit. However, by seeing that Rose is back to perfect health means that the team can finally rest a bit of the responsibility right back on his shoulders so he can lead them to where they belong: the top.

Prediction: the Bulls will meet the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and will go on to finally eliminate them thanks to the heroics of Rose offensively, with the rest of his team dominating defensively and helping out as much as possible in the attack.

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