Los Angeles Clippers: J.J. Redick Goes Long Distance In Debut

By christopherbrown
The Snipper
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Redick is one of the lesser-known names among the many to recently migrate to Los Angeles to play for the Los Angeles Clippers. Yet, those with an invested interest in the new-look Clippers will commit themselves to an occasional glance at the sharpshooting import from the Orlando Magic.

Redick’s assignment is simple: run his opponent through a maze of screens, get open and charge the defense three points for loitering in the paint. In other words: bail Chris Paul out, and keep Blake Griffn and DeAndre Jordan off the free throw line. Redick’s contribution is crucial to the team’s success. Snipers are the most dangerous in the line of battle. No one know exactly where they are and they don’t miss their target.

The trouble comes when Redick faces a team where the best player on the floor is the one standing directly in front of him: someone he can’t run from, who won’t play off him, and he can’t defend on the other end. What was once a walk in  the park for Redick would soon take a wrong turn.

He is a tough player that has lasted in the league eight years longer than many expected, but heart can only carry you so far in a league that pays handsomely for the best athletes on two feet. Unfortunately, Redick is not one of them. Yet, for the first time in Redick’s career, he’s playing with a true point guard, one that will create opportunities for him to do what he does best — methodically get to a spot on the floor, catch and shoot.

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